A bit of History about Griesemount; we do know quite a bit as it has
been written about by the famous Quaker diarist, Mary Leadbeater in “The
Annals of Ballitore.”
1766-1824. To quote ……
“On the 22th day of the sixth month this year, (mid-summer’s day) 1817
the first stone of George Shackleton’s house at Griesemount was laid by his
little neice Hannah White.Her father had written a date, etc. in Latin,
which he wrapped in lead and put in a bottle, with coins of the present
date, sealing it with the seal of Ballitore post-office. This was placed
under the foundadion stone. When this bottle shall be opened, where shall we
be who stood around to witness this pleasant ceremony? Our places shall know
us no more!”
Hannah was only five when her mother died in 1811 and was the
daughter of James White who was the last Master of Ballitore Quaker school
which was started by a Yorkshire man and wife in 1726 and had the
distinction of having among it’s pupils such notables as Napper Tandy,Edmund
Burke and Cardinal Paul Cullen. This school was known as the “Eton of
Ireland” and drew pupils from as far away as France and Norway.
Four years after the house was started George Shackleton married
Hannah Fisher and they raised thirteen children here. They lived here until
his death in 1871 and hers two years later. He was the Grand-Uncle of the
Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton………